Hotel Taormina, Hotel Savoca

The name “Vitelli” originated ...

In 1971 thanks to the film “The Godfather” which perfectly demonstrates the Bar. Its world famous lemon granita with Zibibbo is considered to be one of the finest Sicilian granites to be enjoyed with the highly appreciated Zuccarat biscuits.  The location of Bar and Boutique Hotel Vitelli with its 600 years of history, has been preserved over the years thanks to the restoration works that has made it accessible today as a popular destination for visitors from all over the world.

"The Godfather Hotel"

In 1971 the Bar Vitelli was chosen by the director Francis Ford Coppola as the set of the most famous scenes in his masterpiece The Godfather. Savoca is the place that is the backdrop to the love affairs of Mike Corleone and Apollonia, the daughter of the owner of the bar, Mr. Vitelli, from whom Mike will ask for the hand of the future bride. Both inside and outside the bar it is possible to relive the atmosphere of the American cult for every lover of history and cinema.

Hotel Savoca